Whiskey’s Story

Why do I bring Whiskey up in conversation so often? Why am I obsessed with this dog? What is so great about this husky? Well this is the story that might answer all your questions. Let’s go way back to a time 16 years ago…

I had a subscription to the Nickelodeon magazine because I loved the shows on that specific channel, even more so than Disney. This was my childhood entertainment. I received these magazines every single month for a couple years until I decided it was uninteresting, but around the time I was 9 years old I saw this add for the hot new movie Snow Dogs. You’ve heard of it, right? A sled dog team being cared for by a new guy that has no idea how to treat a dog. It’s a kid’s comedy where the dogs are somewhat personified. The dogs are lounging in lounge chairs and wearing sunglasses. Well this image was on one of those magazine pages and I thought it was the funniest, dreamiest, and coolest thing in the world. I already loved dogs and these dogs were gorgeous and hilarious! In my mind, I was destined to get one in my lifetime. 

I dreamt of having a husky of my own one day. As a spoiled kid, I even had a computer in my room in 2001, and it was one of those where the screen colors were only black and lime green and there wasn’t any mouse to use. So, I quickly learned how to use a computer at a young age. Then, they made this fancy computer where you could use a mouse to navigate through it and you could upload the Internet! What was this mythical creature called the Internet? I didn’t really understand it but I found a way to research the Siberian Husky. 

For years, I researched huskies and found something similar to them called Alaskan Malamutes. I compared the differences for a long time as I was growing up and I learned a lot. Huskies are quick and spry, good with people, and they are comical characters alongside the fact they that grow to be around 60 pounds. Malamutes can be any where from 90 – 120 pounds and typically have longer fur. They also have a strong retaliation side if they feel abandoned by their owner, so it’s not surprising to see that your dog ate your couch while you were at work for 8 hours. 

I wanted a malamute more at this time because they were huge dogs, super furry, and sounded like a challenging character to train with their rebellious side. I wanted the challenge and I wasn’t fearful because I knew I would spend all of my time with my dog. 

Years were passing and I was developing dreams such as forming a sled dog team of my own, moving to Alaska, and collecting anything that had wolves on it. My mom even bought a Welcome Mat with wolves on it at Hank’s Thriftway one day because I fell in love with it. What was an 11 year old kid going to do with a welcome mat? I tacked it on my bedroom wall. 

At the age of 20, I finally lived the dream I had been dying for since I was 9.

I wasn’t living at my parent’s house during this time but I was going to the gym that was right down the road from them. I looked at my phone after I finished working out and saw I had a missed call and a voice mail from my mom. She said that she had something for me and that I should stop by. Oddly enough, this was her birthday, December 20th, and I was going to stop by anyway to make a delicious cocktail for her in honor of being the birthday girl. I was really in to mixed drinks at this time. 

I pull in to the driveway only to find my brother working on a vehicle (typical) and he asks “boy or girl?”. “Girl, but I really don’t care”, knowing there was a husky in there. It was only 5 days from Christmas and I had been asking my parents for a puppy husky for the last few years. This had to be it. I walk in to find my sister-in-law holding this adorable little wolf pup. I melted. I grabbed hold of him and didn’t let him go. Yes, it was a male, and my brother darts in and says “no, you didn’t want a male. He’s mine”. I practically told him to back off because I was not letting this puppy out of my site. Not after dreaming for so long. 

Come to find out, my aunt was going to give him to my cousin for Christmas and she wanted my mom to hold him until then so it could be a surprise. My mom knew she couldn’t hang on to him with me around! So, my aunt and her mom were willing to go back across town to pick up the last pup in the litter. One for me and one for my cousin. The one that my sister-in-law was holding was a black pup with one blue eye and one brown. My dream was all about having a black husky with at least one blue eye. In case you’re unaware, most huskies will have one of each and it’s not as common to find them with 2 blue eyes. My aunt showed up a little while later with the other pup who had copper fur and one blue eye as well. The black one was mine!

He was so precious! I was taking him home. Just so you know… I never made that cocktail. How could I with all this excitement?!

This was the first night I had him. 

He was 8 weeks old at this time and just a few days later we went to my parent’s house for Christmas Eve.

His ears didn’t stand up for awhile and it freaked me out because I wasn’t sure if they were ever going to. 

I hadn’t even settled on a name for him at this point but I was trying to call him Otto, which just didn’t sound right at all. I tried this for probably a week but settled on Whiskey. No particular reason why. I just like the way it sounded and I thought a dog with the name Whiskey would be sweet. 

It wasn’t took long later where one ear was starting to stand on its own and then a few days later the other was doing the same. I swear he had radio stations with those things!

He was the cutest little puppy I could ask for and also kind of mischievous. Whiskey also wanted to be outside and it didn’t take him any time to learn the doggy door to the backyard. Actually, I don’t think I ever showed him how to use it. He used to eat all of the lettuce growing in the garden and he liked to rest in the strawberry bed. Time went on and he grew even more.


Whiskey was on his second harness by now and he was so cooperative when I would put it on him… he knew the routine. I thought he was old enough and active enough to run with me while I was on my longboard. Shortly, he was learning to pull. He was pulling me even at 22 pounds! Once he hit 40 pounds and became so strong, I was frightened to be pulled by this beast. He performed so well but it was too fast for me, especially with no brakes and fear of running him over. 

You might be wondering where his brother went. He is still in my cousin’s hands to this day and they were fortunate to play with each other now and then. 

Here they are grown up. 

You can definitely see their similar traits. These two are actually a mix of Husky and Malamute. Cool, right? It’s the perfect mix. Overall, Whiskey is extremely sweet and loving, very talkative, and also has an attitude sometimes. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


This picture was actually taken at my parent’s house. I would have mom take care of him throughout the day while I was going to school and she loved it. During this time my brother and his fiance got a little yellow lab puppy. She was so young and little, and they named her Coors. 

Whiskey and Coors grew up to become siblings. 


I moved back in to my parent’s house during this time, so they were together 24/7. I landed a minimum wage job not too far from the house to keep myself occupied while I finished school… Hello, Subway! Graveyard shift was a fun time because I was able to work by myself and it fit my school schedule where I could go to class Monday through Thursday, then go to work Thursday night through Monday morning. It worked out really well and Whiskey was always with a companion at home. All of the dogs would politely swim together.

Just kidding! Whiskey was all about drowning the other dogs…

He would stand on his back legs in the pool and wade with his front feet, standing there–he looked like a llama. What a goof! Swimming wasn’t his thing but standing and floating was his dream. 

We would get out of the pool and I would have to blow dry him since being wet for too long in the heat would create hot-spots. Learned that the hard way. So, we would hang out in our room afterward. 

Sometimes he even let me take sweet pictures of him as if he were modeling.

And other days taking pictures was a no-go.

He was adorable most of the time. I would let him in my bed, which he enjoyed (of course). Most of the time I found myself waking up next to this cutie.

Whiskey would also sleep in my bed sometimes while I was working the night away. 


I just laughed as he messed up all the blankets, especially when he tucked himself in.

He and the rest of the dogs would be waiting for me to get home at 0630 when I was just getting off work. It was always a warm welcome home and the excitement in his actions was priceless. About 90 pounds in this picture. 

As the months passed, me and Chris hit it off and eventually I moved in (August 2013). More time went on and Whiskey was diagnosed of having a mast cell tumor, which was cancerous and had to be removed. He was only 2 years old! That all went well and he is doing superb, but he lost a lot of weight while he had it. He only weighed about 60 pounds but was still happy as can be. 

I’ve shown this dog the world and he has practically been everywhere I’ve been. He loves the beach and always has. We took the dogs crabbing with us one time while we were crabbing off the rocks. We tried to get Kodiak on the pontoon boat but she was too scared. Whiskey got jealous and demanded a ride as well. I’d say he loved it. 

Apparently this was so exhausting that he passed out on the rocks… yeah, yeah, Whiskey on the Rocks. Funny!

As you should see by now, he is extremely spoiled. He isn’t a dog that I lock up outside and forget about. He isn’t something to beat up on. He is NOT a dog to be mistreated because he actually has a soul–a personality. He’s been my companion since day one and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve had him since December of 2011 and a lot has changed since then, which he’s been a part of and experienced with me. We understand each other on a level most people wouldn’t understand. Call me crazy but it’s my life and I was finally able to live my dream of having a husky of my own. Did I mention he loves bones and rawhides?


Maybe now you have some answers. He’s my kid at heart. Right now though, I have to entertain him… he’s been giving me that “I’m bored” grunt for the last 20 minutes. 

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